The Wild Side of Panama

A wildlife cruise on the Panama Canal and Gatún lake full of monkeys, sloths, and crocodiles—and spotting elusive Harpy Eagle on a jungle canopy tour in Soberania National Park

A curious Capuchin monkey in the rainforest of Panama. A curious Capuchin monkey in the rainforest of Panama.

Learning to Ski that Deep Utah Powder

It doesn’t really hurt to fall down a mountain. Of course, it helps if the mountain is covered in two feet of Utah powder. Certainly it helped this poor sap, who grew up skiing the icy nubs that pass for slopes in the Poconos, where the only powder was on the doughnuts at the lodge…

Skiing powder Skiing powder

Adventures in Dining

Of eating calf intestines, ox tails, sea snails, and sheep’s head stew—plus some edibles I was never able to determine what they were

lizards_thin lizards_thin

Review: Joby Gorillatorch Switchback Headlamp/Lantern

An unusually strong LED headlamp that transforms into a camping lantern—and can be supported by Joby’s patented, versatile Gorillapod tripod

joby_torch_switchback_thin joby_torch_switchback_thin

Hong Kong for Free

Eight amazing free things to do, see, and learn in Hong Kong, from free tai chi and kung fu lessons to the art of the Chinese tea ceremony and feng shui

tai-chi-thin tai-chi-thin
Hiking the Hills of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is, contrary to popular belief, more than two-thirds green: shady parks, farmland, and open space crisscrossed by more than 180 miles of hiking trails

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The Winter Wolves of Yellowstone

Tracking the Druid Peak wolf pack through the snow clad Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park

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Nomads of the Sahara

A dozen Berber horsemen thundered toward me across the Sahara sands. Their pale blue drâ’a robes billowing behind them, they rode with their rifles raised in the air, ululating a war cry…

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Glacier Days and Fondue Nights

I’m not saying the shots at the Yeti Bar were powerful, but the next morning, when I got on the shuttle bus to the heliport, it took a fellow passenger to point out I wasn’t wearing any pants…

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How to charter your own boat

Chartering your own sailboat for as little as $25 a day—a bit more if you want a captain, cook, or crew.

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