The Intrepid Traveler is devoted to helping people have better, more authentic vacations by indulging in travel adventures—whether this means taking an active trip or a cultural journey, indulging in some hard core outdoors sports or simply visiting an exotic destination.

Adventure is how you define it. You want to thrash whitewater, ski fresh powder, ride horses in Sicily, or hike the Appalachian Trail? We have that. But if you just want to take a free tai chi class in Hong Kong, cruise the Nile, meet the native Indians in Panama, or chow down on witchety grubs in Australia, well, we have that, too.

Where this site came from

This site is written and maintained entirely by Reid Bramblett, an award-winning travel journalist. It grew out of his weekly adventure column in Chicago’s Daily Herald newspaper (which began following a chance meeting with the paper’s then–travel editor on a four-day hike in Havasu Canyon), and which was also published in the St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Bay Times, and occasionally in other papers.

As the newspaper industry began shrinking, Reid transformed the column into a website to add to his family of travel sites.

We hope you enjoy the site, and that it helps you plan the trip of your dreams.

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