Leaving Las Vegas…On Two Wheels
Single track mountain biking in Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, near Las Vegas

Getting out of Sin City for two-wheeled fun: single-track mountain biking in Bootleg Canyon outside Boulder City en route to the Hoover Dam

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Biking Red Rock Canyon outside Vegas

A road biking trip through Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon, gorgeous scenery and natural wonders just 18 miles off the Vegas Strip

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Bike tour companies

These resources will help you find the right bike trip for you, whether it’s a road tour, single-track mountain biking, or inn-to-inn cycling through the countryside.

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Questions to ask before you book a tour

Before you sign up for any kind of adventure tour, you need to ask some questions.

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The Ultimate Adventure Packing List
What you need to pack for any trip

What to pack for an adventure trip, how much to bring on your travels, and how to fit it all in a single carry-on with room left over for souvenirs.

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Biking Vieques’ beaches and kayaking the Bio Bay

A multi-sport day on the Puerto Rico’s Vieques Island—Kayaking the Bioluminescent Bay, mountain biking the jungle, exploring Victorian ruins, and swimming Punta Arenas beach where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic

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The top inexpensive adventure outfitters

Most adventure tour outfits seem to consider $5,000 a starting price. For these guys, that’s more of a price ceiling. Here is the ultimate list of affordable adventure tour companies.

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Sailing the Florida Keys

Troop 116 charters a pair of bareboats to spend a week sailing the Florida Keys

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Going native in Panama

A day trip up the Upper Rio Chagres in a dugout canoe to learn about the life of the Embera Indians of Panama’s rainforest

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